Charitable Giving & Tax Exempt Organizations

We provide full tax and corporate services with a significant emphasis on matters of concern to tax-exempt, nonprofit organizations. Our attorneys also provide a broad range of tax and corporate services for tax-exempt organizations, including formation under state law, obtaining a determination of tax-exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service and assisting in qualifying as a public charity or private foundation and other ancillary matters, including establishment of a board of directors and officers.

We also counsel clients retaining tax-exempt status for nonprofit organizations and dealing with various legal restrictions on nonprofits, including the intermediate sanctions, private inurements, private benefit, and unrelated business income tax rules. Our firm also counsels clients on the use and operation of private foundations in conjunction with larger estate planning objectives. We also are active in analyzing a nonprofit organization's participation in various ventures with for-profit entities, including partnerships, joint ventures, conversions to for-profits, management contracts, strategic investments and other arrangements.
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